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The term “Snags” is likely a new terminology that’s debatable for many property developers across the Globe.  If we talk about definitions on Google it’s defined like “a process to shot a vacant space on schedulers with things needed to fix.  So a complete list (known as SnagList) was manually created to fulfill the mentioned tasks & outright construction works.  The final payments were made when all the tasks on the list or it can be hold until the listed works is completed.

Now days technological advancements have let punch list to be created electronically and often supported by digital photo documentation.   This clearly indicates the impact of technology on every aspect of Human life.  A construction work usually includes a hierarchy of team workers, contractors, and managers and lastly the satisfied owners.  It’s interesting to know that few countries like Ireland & United Kingdom have successfully adapted the concept of snagging as an important part of the construction contracts or using it as a way to meet the quality terms stated.

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Let’s start discussing the simple procedure of Snagging:-

Step 1. First get the app & install it from Google Play Store.
Step 2. A company personal or Inspector having the SnagTick app. will visit the construction site for inspection.
Step 3. Then inspector will create Snags to report problems in construction work.
Step 4. The app. will notify Contractor on ‘SnagTick’ Web App for the Snaglist created by the inspector.
Step 5. The problem will be assigned to the concerned supervisor team by the Contractor.
Step 6. The supervisor team will visit the site & resolve the Snag reported by the inspector.
Step 7. After a satisfactory rectification of the reported Snag, Contractor will permanently close the snags
Step 8. If the concerned person thinks that reported Snag is not properly corrected, than Contractor has to reopen the Snag again for proper resolution.

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Benefits:- Snag Tick offers both quality assurance & less time consumption at the same instance. With SnagTick in the pocket, one can easily manage the daily basis works on-site without even visiting there & need not to do endless paperwork after going back to office. Since everything required is easily available on one single device which can be either a Smartphone or a tablet, one will get hassle free from pens, paper, cameras and copy-pasting on personal computer.
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